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As you guys know, I am all into mixed media! I have been trying for weeks to organize my studio space, but for the life of me, I can't seem to keep my fabric out of the "paper box" and my stamps out of the "paint box"! I can't stop mixing every kind of medium!

I secretly love the way that I can be digging through my paper box and find the perfect scrap of polka dot fabric to finish a collage....it's like burried treasure!

So, when I started making a few Valentines to slip gift cards into, I couldn't leave the plain cream colored gift card sleeve alone...it needed to be altered! I decided on fabric with a Valentines theme and went straight to the sewing machine...here's what happend!

arts 141

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These were so much fun! Here's how I made them...
Altered Gift Card Sleeve
1. I took the plain "paper gift card sleeve" and layed it on top of my favorite fabric.
2. Then I cut around the paper sleeve leaving plenty of room around the edges.
3. Then I sewed the fabric directly onto the paper holder!
4. Next, I trimmed the edges so that the fabric didn't hang off of the sides.
5. Also, I cut a slit in the fabric where the original slit in the paper is (so that the tab has a place to slide into!)
6. Finally I added details with ribbon, tulle, and felt hearts!

See wasn't that easy and fun!?

My sweet friend Kate created an altered coffee sleeve for me as a Valentine and it's AMAZING! Check it out!


arts 150

I love the word "altered"...it's like giving something new life! It reminds me of the beautiful transformation that happened (and is happening) when Jesus came into my heart! He is "altering" me every day to make me more like Himself. It's truly new life! I'll never be the same since experiencing Jesus's grace and love!

Do you like mixed media? Have you ever altered something that you thought looked plain...and gave it a whole new life?!? Have you experienced being "altered" in your heart?

I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

happy thursday!


Shannon said...

I found your blog through Brittany Irgram's blog. She and I went to APU together. Anyway, I LOVE to art journal and use multi media in it. I am currently in seminary so my art life has gone to the wayside, but through reading your blog, I have been inspired to take tim to do this. I need it in my life. Blessing on your life and your art!

Shannon Vandewarker

Molly Swanson said...

Thanks Shannon! You have really encouraged me today :) happy thursday!