this is what happened...

See it started with a little coffee date with my friend Jenn...
arts 129
(yes, I'm already making Valentines cozies!!! Anyone interested? They would make awesome valentines...)

arts 130
Then we went to our sweet friend Morgan's baby shower! ...(how cute was this little cartigan!?!)

arts 126
Us girls with Morgan and Lela (can't wait to meet her!)

arts 131

Then Danielle and I had an amazing lunch and started making these AWESOME pillows!

arts 135

arts 134

arts 136

arts 137

arts 141
....and guess what arrived for Jeremy!!?

arts 148
It's SO fuN!....anyways, it was a great weekend and I just wanted to share some of the fun with y'all! Hope you enjoyed your weekend too!
up next....we're still nesting in our new apt...but the studio is next! I can't wait to share pictures!!!
happy tuesday!


Marta said...

Please please do a tutorial on making those pillows! Or did the pattern come from a book? Please let me know!

Ragan said...

those pillows are SO awesome!

The Wild Curl said...

Cute pillows & what a fun weekend filled with good friends n wonderful, new music!

Cant wait to make the pillows for my bedroom! Thanks Mols!