paper heart...YES!

arts 073
(i made some heart shaped coasters...I'm a little excited about heart-day!)
So, over the weekend Jeremy and I watched the movie Paper Heart and I have to tell you...you must watch it before Valentines Day because it's AWESOME! This is one of the sweetest love songs I may have ever heard so I thought y'all might like to hear it...haha! Enjoy!

I'm thinking a movie marathon may be in order....any Valentines movie musts? Help me make my list!

happy monday!


The Roberts' said...

you've got mail!!

this is funny, my word verification is "hangsta." you're such a hangsta!

Ragan said...

i was definitely going to say you've got mail. paper heart is NOW officially our valentine's day movie for this year. always wanted to see it and didn't. thanks for the inspiration :)

kthurbz said...

My friends and I always used to watch the "Exorcist," ha. But for a true Valentine's Day movie I'd add Sleepless in Seattle to the list:)

Anita said...

Those are cute. I need to learn how to use the sewing machine I have, I would like to do the tiny hearts that you posted today.

Jules said...

I say watch Penelope with Christina Ricci and James McAvoy, it's really cute!!!