i'm dreaming

new 073
of a white Christmas...then I wake up and it's here!!! Beautiful sparkly snow! It feels so Christmasy..I love it!

new 075

new 082

Here's hoping this weekend keeps us snowed in so we can make more of these....

new 070
and the living room will look like this!

new 071
have a happy day!

new 081
what makes you feel Christmasy today?


Ragan said...

remember airplane??

Damien Franco said...

You guys looks so cute out there in our desert snow storm.

Love the red Chucks BTW!

The Wild Curl said...

Molly you guys look so much like a Hallmark couple. LOL You & J make me think of those couples in the Hallmark commercials where I'm not supposed to cry, but secretly I do, cuz they really are TOTALLY sweet & sentimental!!

I love you guys!

Miss K

Ulmer Studios said...

If we got snow here that would definitely help in making it feel like Christmas! I miss snow on Christmas!

Last night we were putting together homemade tags for xmas presents to that definitely helps! Love when we do DIY things for xmas it just gets things in the right mood~!