i adore Him journal...

This Christmas I really want to create, experience and celebrate Jesus! I don't want the season to go by and my heart to have never been "in it". I started this Christmas "art journal" and I thought I'd share a little bit about it in case you want to make one too!!! 

The cover is made of two canvas boards glued to a piece of fabric and then I sewed folded watercolor paper onto the "spine". It was fun to create a new color scheme (red, brown, blue, and green!) plus lots of fun textures!

I chose to collage my favorite Christmas carol (out of an old hymnal) onto a piece of watercolor paper. Then I "antiqued" the page with coffee, brown ink, and paint and stapled the title of my journal to the edge of the page so that I can still lift it up to read the words! I journaled around the edges and drew on the paper about what it means to "adore" the Lord!

I'll share more pages as I go! Are you trying anything new this Christmas? Have you ever kept a Christmas journal?

p.s. the move went great and we're settling into our new home!

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