does it get any better?!?

hi everyone! I hope you are having the best week of Christmas ever! I've been a bit in and out with my posts because we've been enjoying everything about this season! I hope y'all are too!
I thought I'd share a little more from my Christmas art journal...I'm really glad I decided to make it! I have really loved writing and drawing what God is teaching me right now...

christmas 010

Last night, Jeremy and I made Christmas cookies, wrapped gifts, and watched "While You Were Sleeping" (a holiday favorite of ours!).
....I thought to myself, does it get any better than this?

have a merry Wednesday!!!


Ragan said...

MOLLY! I looooooove your new apartment! It is so festive!! I am glad you are enjoying this Christmastime being married :) Isn't it magically romantic?! I love the drawing you did of the baby all wrapped up in a nest and branches...what a fun project :)
LET ME KNOW when you get the you-know-whats!
:)much love!

Britt@artbybritt said...

Your place is so cute! I LOVE what you've done with your mantle!!