sepia toned love...

good morning! I just finished these two custom paintings for an awesome girl and sent them off to be perfect wedding gifts for her friends! I don't know these sweet couples, but aren't they darling?

Picture 583

Picture 586

Picture 590

Picture 581

Picture 588

If you're interested in having a custom painting created for you or for a gift, let me know! The holidays are coming up soon and I think these make really special, unique, and personal gifts!


happy wednesday!


Britt@artbybritt said...

Oh my! I LOVE these. Especially the top one with the wispy grass. I showed my hub, and this is what we want in our little art trade! Is that fair to do custom pieces?? I'm so excited!

Beautiful work, Molly. Keep it up.

Kayla said...

That first one is awesome! I LOVE it!

Jennifer Josefy said...

Miss Molly,

You are so talented! I still have several of the notes you gave me when I was in seventh grade... and you drew my name so beautifully on the front. Who knew you would become such an accomplished artist?! :) I love keeping up with your life and your art via your blog. thought I'd finally comment!


pink coffee photoart said...

molly!!! these are incedible...seriously. :) that first one is just breathtaking. keep it up girl!