all things beautiful....

I got the sweetest care package from my dear friend Ragan! It was full of beautiful artwork, sweet little notes, an amazing book, lots of thoughtful treasures, and SO much love! I feel so encouraged in the Lord! I hope you are too :)
This painting is so sweet, it's sitting in our living room! It's amazing!
new 003

Ragan and I would always talk about our "quilt" and how when we aren't together, a piece of our quilt is missing....so she made this sweet collage quilt for me.....
new 006
...with a button closed envelope!
new 010
and a handmade card inside!.....where's your missing piece? I'm here!

new 014
She also included one of her fabulous flower pins! It's so fun to wear!

new 027

here's a peak at more sweetness...

new 031

new 035
thanks so much lovely Ragan! God is so good to have put you in my life!
happy monday!
p.s. come back this week to see a new painting, my friend's baby shower fun, a new handmade book, and more!


Cari Denee said...

Yall are soooooo freaken creative!!! I wish I could think of super cute things to do but instead I steal ideas from people! I am a creative idea people stealer! I should be in AA meetings for people stealing...lol

Mike and Cymbre said...

I LOVE the quilt collage!!

Kate said...

LMBO @ Cari! I'm with Cari. I borrow ideas & make them mine. MUAHAHAAHAHAhaaaaaaa....

Oh wait. I need to be in one of Cari's meetings: Artists' Anonymous--for artists who find other artists' stuff more interesting than their own. LOL