Picture 547

Are you feeling fall? It's all around :)

Picture 545
Jeremy and I decided to sew up fun costumes for the weekend! He learned how to use a sewing machine last night and he did AWESOME!!!

Picture 549
You'll have to wait to see what we made...but here's a hint! have a fun weekend!
What are your plans?

Picture 555
happy Friday!


The Roberts' said...

wow... he did awesome on the sewing machine?? & i can't even sew a straight seam!! :-( i need lessons!

Ragan said...

how cool! i can't wait to see what he made! matt and i are handing out candy to trick-or-treaters at his parents house and playing games with them! i took my tech graduation gown and the red shoes i bought for your wedding, and added a $8 had and $1.50 pair of bright green and black striped tights. what did i get? the wicked witch from the west, with dorothy's shoes! not sure what matt will come up with....but the funny part is, his parents have dogs, so i am going to steal the little terrier mix for the perfect "wizard of oz" photo op. thinking of being bold and slightly tinting my foundation with some acrylic paint for homemade face paint.....we'll see how THAT goes! haha

Ragan said...

fire breathing dragons?? i can't wait to have little babies and make all of their halloween costumes! you will be so good at it, too!!

Ragan said...

p.s. you should move to dallas. now.