quick little update!

What have I been up to?

1. My second "Smells Like Rain" online class- Prayer Board! This is mine:


be sure to sign up for my next online class "Cards for Healing" in a few weeks! You can sign up anytime by emailing me: specsandwings@gmail.com!

2. I'll be offically hired at my job tomorrow!

etsy wishlist for my desk:





And I'd love to wear these hand painted kitten heels on my first day! How cute are they!?


3. I'm taking Rachel Debow's Online Class!!! I'm REALLY behind already :) but I can't wait to let the paper, scissors, dreams, and creativity fly...

(Watch for a Summer Artist Feature of her soon!)

4. Reading this book...

and teaching them to art journal each time we meet! They are blowing me away! I'll share more about that soon!

5. AND I'm hanging with my sweet husband and listening to AMAZING new songs! Check out his blog here.


That's all for now! What's going on with you?

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Kayla said...

Love your prayer board! Where did you get a job? I have a moss garden like that in my house! You need to come over sometime and help me paint and use up my ridiculous amount of stuff! Would you like to go have coffee sometime?