Consider it

I walked around the corner of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and literally gasped! Breath stopped in my lungs and then my heart beat out of my chest as I saw this beauty. It's a moment, seeing an actual Jackson Pollock painting. There is a feeling I can't describe. My sweet Jeremy reminded me that this is the very canvas that Pollock painted and touched. It is huge and breath taking!

I was thinking about it today and it made me think of the scene in the movie Mona Lisa Smile when the art teacher takes her students to see a Pollock painting...here's a video that shows a little bit about that scene in the movie:

{I couldnt embed the actual scene but please watch it here by clicking "You're not required to like it" for the full effect!}

Here you see the students are flustered at first, confused, and then began complaining until the teacher said: "Do me a favor. Do yourselves a favor. Stop talking, and look. You're not required to write a paper. You're not even required to like it. You *are* required to consider it. "

I studied Jackson Pollock and his wife for a while last year and I really appreciate their art. I know it may be hard for everyone to accept or enjoy.....but it's worth considering, right?

What other artwork have you been "considering"?


Cari Denee said...

I had to watch his movie last year for class and it was actually good! Have you heard about it? I really like Jackson Pollock! And I am enjoying right now Diego Rivera's art in my Latin American Art class

Kate said...

Wassily Kandinsky.

I love how he considered everything he painted an experience of some type. Most of what he painted was based on his inner feelings & his Spirit. His colors are very evident of that, as well.

As I'm considering my growth in life, I've been wondering...how did he, an economist & lawyer find such sublime joy he was able to desolve the lines of subject matter & arrive at his genius...?