Road Trip!!!

On Sunday, Jeremy and I took a married road trip! Starbucks for breakfast, deciding what every song on The Fray CD means, dreaming about the future, music, art, the open road ahead. It was a trip back to the place where love grew for us.
While we were dating we took this picture outside the steps of my apartment. My awesome new husband had this fantastic idea to take another on in the same place, now that we're married! (check the rings!)
Other than that, we went to Redeemer church in Lubbock to listen to his best friend Matt preach. He did an amazing job! We also saw Brittany and met her husband- they are awesome! We went with Matt and his wife Megan to Homemade Cafe! The most unique cafe I've ever been to. It was full of miss-matched chairs and tables, quirky decor from thrift stores and twinkle lights. The food was stellar.

We visited with them for a while, then hung out a little and ate at our favorite chinese place for dinner. The ride home was another amazing couple hours of talking, dreaming, and enjoying the beauty of God's creation. It was awesome!

How was your weekend?


That Janie Girl said...

What a cool picture idea! Glad y'all had fun on your trip.

Kate said...

I can't wait to hear Matt's sermon!

Thanks for coffee last night. You have no idea how much good being with you is for me! I've missed you guys so much.

LOVE Jeremy's new shoes. *LOL*

Can't wait to see you at CBS...and Friday...and Sunday...aaaand...?

Mike and Cymbre said...

I LOVE married road trips!! Mike and I always such AMAZING conversations in the car...and the time together when you get where you are going is always the best!

Brittany Strebeck said...

it was so great seeing you two! i'm glad y'all enjoyed your time here :)

Rob & Jen said...

How fun Molly! I'm jealous, but so happy for you two...its always good to plan special day trips with each other. Oh and we need to catch up seriously!

Cari Denee said...

Are you talking about Home Cafe? I love that place!!! I worked their for the summer almost 2 years ago and loved it. They are so sweet and fun!