Drinking it all in...

This week has started off with a bang! I am full of excitement about what is coming this week and it started off wonderfully with a Monday afternoon art party!

I'm working on a BIG painting! I have SO missed it! I can't wait to share the finished one with you. Maybe I'll get to work on it again this week and show you the progress.

Danielle is on spring break so she was able to hang this afternoon and work on an amazing clay project!

Her tool box is SO COOL!

I read recently that you should always make self portraits to remember your journey. If that's true, I took this picture today to remember that right now, I'm drinking it all in! God is teaching me right now and I want to experience everything He has for me. Let me tell ya, it's good to the last drop!

Oh ya! and I just may have a job interview this week!


Mike and Cymbre said...

I love your self portrait!! Drink it all in!

Anita said...

I love that coffee cup, it seems to suit you.