so I made something...

Here are some personalized cards I made! I cut out three strips of black and white fabric and sewed them to a card using red thread. Then I cut out the letters from red felt and stitched them on as well! I think they are fun!
I'm hoping to update my etsy shop soon :) any requests? I'm hoping to bring back some oldies but goodies as well as try a few new things!!! I'm also thinking about teaching an online class this summer or a couple of weekend workshops. Anyone interested?
Love to all! more soon...I'm on a blogging roll!


Anita said...

I would love to see some more coffee sleeves. I love them. If you made them in Argyle I have to buy it.

Weekend workshops could be fun, anything to make Midland more exciting.

Mike and Cymbre said...

These are super cute!!

Kate said...

I'm signing up for the online classes!d Just tell me when we're getting started & my supply kit. I have a pencil & paper right here. *LOL*

Love the Cards! You are beautiful!