lists and links

Hello everybody!
I hope your week has been wonderful. Mine was like this (in lists and links!):
1. Art party with this awesome girl. (She asked me to be in her wedding! I can't wait!)
(a new coffee painting in the works)
2. Hug giant yogurt face
3. See one of my bffs!
(My dear friend Jenn came to town and we tried out this awesome yogurt place!)

4. Eat a shark head.

5. Hang out with a Wild Curl (today!)

6. Chat with a passionate painter

7. 2 Lunches with my man

8. Bowling with my parents in our living room...
(on Wii! My favorite part is making the "Mii"! You can try it here.)

I'd love to hear all about your week in lists and links ;) Have a happy weekend!


The Roberts' said...

what is that yogurt place??

Kate said...

YOWZERS!!! You had a crazy-busy weekend! Photos went to the lab today. I should have disks by 5pm!


emily said...

Hey...I just finished reading this book called The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. Not only was it absolutely beautiful - one of the characters writes all of her chapters in lists, which made me think of you!