Get Ready to Enjoy Now

Here's what I've been working on yesterday and today: button gloves!!! I think these are so fun and I am crazy about buttons so ta-da! I tried a few different colors and button designs. They are $12 per pair {email or comment if you're interested :) } and I think they would make really fun gifts and stocking stuffers. What do you think? Any color suggestions?

I love getting ready for things. I am SUCH a planner. Making lists and sketches and writing in my calandar, I'm exciting about what's to come! I'm learning so much in this season of my life to enjoy the journey. Christ came to give us life! Daily. Spending moment by moment with Him is the best journey we could have. This fortune was in Jeremy's fortune cookie the other day and I just laughed and laughed! Are you enjoying your time in the cookie? or just waiting to get out?
This would make a fun journal page for me make and think about. :) Y'all are great. Thanks!


Morgan said...

Hey Molls. I love those gloves! So cute :) You could totally make some Christmassy gloves with red, green and white! So fun!

The fortune cookie is great too! It made me laugh :) They should have more humorous fortune cookies as opposed to the real serious ones. I don't think anyone takes them seriously anyway.

Love ya!

Rob & Jen said...

Molly I agree with Morgan- the gloves are awesome! What a cool idea! I have no color suggestions because you are amazing and think of everything! I love you!

emily said...

This is the most hilarious fortune cookie!!

My favorite fortune ever from a cookie (besides the one that enticed Brenda to set Blair & I up) was my friend Mike's...it said "Too bad for you. It's 5:00 & I have run out of pithy sayings!!"

have a happy Monday.