I'm back!

I finally got to see my sister Emily!!! Oh how I've missed my beautiful, brainy, eloquent, stamp-crazy, cat-loving, life long friend.

She taught me and mom to make these really cool cards!...I'll show you more soon.

These little guys look like anyone you know? i missed Jeremy so much!

It was so amazing to have time with my family of photographers.

We took time to rest, enjoy being together, and explore our fun adventures. I'll have more pictures to post soon of our cards and a suprise gift from my sis! Thanks for hanging in there with me, sorry long time no post. What have y'all been up to?

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Feather Lynn said...

Hey Molly,

Sounds like you had a blast. I love spending time with my sister and her family. It is such a precious and blessed thing to have them so close. Anyways, I saw the link to your blog on Cymbres and thought I would stop in to see how things were going with you and Jeremy. I started a blog as well...featherlynnhayes.blogspot.com. Cymbre got me hooked!!!! Have a great week!