3rd class and a change.

Here we are! This was my third faithbooking class. We took time on this day to finish up our first project and help someone create one for themself!

I LOVE how this one turned out! Look at the creativity. She collaged images & fabric, painted over it, used the "color inventory" from fabric, and then journaled over everything with a marker. All her idea and brilliant!

I also love the simple beauty in this one from a visiting student...she did a great job of mixing patterns, text, and colors!

She is showing me what she did in her journal this week outside of class. This page says "Open the Boock, He will sing to you." melts my heart...
Then she showed me this page, wow. I am wowed by the hearts of these girls and the art they share with me each week. What a blessing.

Oh ya! and did I mention I cut my hair?
Here's the before

and after!

It's always nice to have a change! I'm really enjoying trying new styles and stuff.

What's the best thing going on in your life right now?


Kim Smith said...

sounds like you are enjoying yourself.

new seasons are always good for new hairstyles. i am feeling change. :]

Morgan said...

I love your hair Molls. It's so cute! I also love that you were at Sonic when you took the pic. Love you! Can't wait til the wedding!!