Thrifting and a Winner!

okay everyone, I'm sorry I'm late, but to make up for it, I drew 2 winners!

And the winners of the 100th post giveaway...drum roll please!!! "Toystory" and "Julio n Carla"!!! Congrats. Check out my etsy and choose which coffee cozy or print charm you would like and I'll send it your way.

Oh the wedding planning has begun, we are so excited and we're doing a lot of unique things that I cant wait to share with you. So, for now, I'll just tell you about our Saturday. We spent most of the day together and went thrifting for decorations/ for fun!

Our first stop was breakfast together at Cracker Barrel. It was a beautiful day and we sat outside until our table was ready. Then we enjoyed an enormous breakfast! I usually don't even eat breakfast so this was quite a treat.

Then we went to on to thrifting and had a blast! We found lots of fun and crazy things and really savored our time together. It was such a fun day.

I hope your day is so great. It has been wonderful to hear from everyone in comments, you are all such an encouragement! Thanks for visiting my blog.

p.s.- check out the etsy store for fun cozies, esp. the vintage collection and the sale going on for print charms!

you are all beautiful. lots of love.


jarispry said...

thank you sooo much! what a great surprise for today! today has been a very special day... my oldest daughter started kindergarten! and i'm holding up so far!
thank you sooo much - i love your art... so many goodies to choose from but i LOVE the lucille coffee cozy. email me anytime - i love sharing ideas and inspo for any artsy stuff! ;o)

and yes, GOD IS GOOD!!!!

Jari Spry

Toystory said...

I am excited to have won!!! And had a hard time chosing my prize!!! Thank you so much Molly. I love your cozy's and art!!

By the way, how did you find someone who LOVED to go thrifting with you..... oh you two make a great pair. May God Bless you both!!

Johannah aka Toystory

megan said...

Hey! I love your blog. You have this awesome ability to collage and scrapbook that I wish I had!