composition journal *remix*

I filled the cover of my compositon book with Lisa Frank stickers and used every color marker to write out verses and prayers in my first prayer journal. I was in 6th grade and I loved to cover each page in worship of Jesus. I love to journal. Magazine clippings, photographs, and my favorite lyrics covered journals in college, along with the added protection of clear packing tape across everything. Looking back through these journals I see that I took them everywhere and wrote prayers, thoughts, questions, verses....and even drew out my visual expressions.

How good God has been & how faithful! Looking back through them, I remember my journey with Him. God provided journaling & art to pour my heart out to Him & worship Him.

I started a new one & used the amazing words I heard a few Sundays ago on the cover....

What awesome things do you remember about God's love, grace, & faithfulness in your life?


Divine in the Daily EJPhotography said...

you stopped by and dropped a comment on my blog, so i thought i'd stop by and see your blog.

i think that journal is really cool. i'm not kidding. i like it alot.

i'm also assuming that you found me via Rachel on "bling on my sewing maching"... she and brett are friends of our and we're sad that they moved so far away from us!

anyway, thanks for the comment and encouragement!

Anonymous said...

God's love, grace and faithfulness in my life...........I remember a very special person that HE brought in to my life on 4-1-04. She blessed my life and is still blessing it to this day! That person is YOU !!!

Love you,

Kate said...

Molly you are a God Moment. I am thankful for you every day. I love our Tea Time Talks & dreaming about art & your wedding day.

Coffe night when????

I love you,