Art Journaling Class

I'm taking an online art journaling class from Rachel Denbow! It's AWESOME! I've learned so much, just from the first two tutorials. Check out Rachel's blog here: http://www.blingonmysewingmachine.blogspot.com/

Here's my first layout for the class with some close ups of details!

I can't wait to do the next tutorial!


Unknown said...

layouts are lookin good!

Kate said...

You inspire me every single day. I can't wait to take your class! God has wonderous little tid bits to share with us. Saturday won't be here soon enough. I love you!

Olive Eyes said...

you got a counter yay!

Kim Smith said...

oh wow.
i'm doing rachel's class too.
your pages are incredible!!! so much better than mine! haha.
now you're really challenging me! :D

love it. your pages seem so 'natural' like everything just belongs there. i envy that.