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What a breath of fresh air this week has been. Do you ever realize you've been gasping a little? God gave me a perfect reminder of His faithfulness this week by these three women that I met. Alana, Aubrey, and Heather came all the way from New York! They are incredible dancers who praise God with every movement. They taught our students so much and honestly taught me so much too. I am breathing deep of the Lord when I see how they trust Him and their confidence in Him is radiant. These women filled our studio with truth, prayer, praises, laughter and really helped us come together through a time of transition & growth. The inspiration is transforming my art too...I'll show you soon! I was so blessed with the time each of them took to share their hearts with me.

Please watch this video of thier dance called Slow Me Down, Choreography by Alana Marie Urda and performed by Alana, Heather Seagraves, and Aubrey Strickland. "This work examines three women who have taken on so much they have lost sight of their priorities in life. They seek to find peace."They performed this for us today, but this is a video they created while working on this piece. It's a little hard to see some parts, but I think the rawness makes it beautiful. Let God show you something in a fresh way!

Let me know what you think! Here are some shots of the peeps in the studio and a shout out to Jeremy for coming to support & be inspired!!! I love you.
Our students "waiting on the world to change"

Students that joined us from our community this week "letting thier feelings show"
This is Chelsey, one of our dance teachers showing us a piece she learned about "taking the weight" and me in the corner there workin the sound system.

Me and Terri Terri Lynn!


Anonymous said...

hey molly,
it's pottery anne!
it is so surreal to read posts& see photo's of midland... i am trying to figure out where this studio is!!! it looks like the collonades, where the pottery was (is?) is it in judy coleman's studio? do y'all have a website? i'd love to read more! tell me all about art & soul.
also, i wanted to sendyou a link to a site i think you'd like, but i'll do that later... can't find it right now!
reading you blog daily & loving it!

Brittany Strebeck said...

girl... you keep REALLY busy! but it's so fun to see what all you're up to :) hope all is well in midland!