I finished it...

I finally did finish the painting today! I had a bit of trouble earlier, but I took a lunch break & a walk through Barnes & Nobles, then I was back and ready to finish! The image is inspired by the back of our buisness cards (you can see it in one of the pics). I has a "tea dye" effect background for some depth and I left the letters the canvas color. It's going to be a wall hanging so I'll try to get a better pic up when it makes it to the wall!

Tonight I'm going to work on some art books and also get inspired by the "Artful Blogging" issue I picked up today! It's my favorite magazine! Okay, I'm off! Let me know whatcha think :) Remember to look for God's goodness...you'll find it! Thanks for listening.


ashley said...

wow. its lovely.


Anonymous said...

As always, it is fantastic! How creative you are. Everyone will love it!