Different Kind of Prayer Journal

Good Monday Morning! A brand new week is here!!! I want to know what adventures I'll be going on, but it's more fun as a surprise! God is SO GOOD. I've been having a little trouble transitioning in life lately and I have been needing to work through some things with God so I began this prayer journal.
It's a bit messy, a crazy mix of colors, textures, scraps of life, and my handwriting covering the pages in verses from the Bible and my prayers. I really like that it isn't perfect and it's a bit raw. (I was recently inspired by an artist who works in this way!) ]
Now the how-to:
I started by collecting paper that reminded me of areas of life (friends, time, art, joy, family, getting married, health, growing, etc..) and added ribbon, stickers & pictures from magazines to the paper using a stapler. Then I punched holes in all of the pages (as well as a piece of matt board for the back cover) and put rings in as the "binding".

It's been such a sweet time to look for verses and read the TRUTH about each situation. I write in the verse so I can come back to it and meditate on it. Then I write out my prayers to the Lord. Some amazing verses I've read recently : 1 John 3:1, Psalm 62:8, Psalm 61:1, Psalm 43, Psalm 51.

Thanks always for your support and prayers. What amazing verses of the Bible have you read recently?! I'd be so encouraged to know! How's your Monday?

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Leslie D-V said...

I think I am in love with this idea. I want to make one for myself now! Congrats on getting your class room by the way!!!