A "Cozy" Love Story...

I little while ago, I met a sweet artist on etsy who added a one of my coffee cozies to her favorites. She liked one I called "Luke's Diner Plaid" because she is a Gilmore Girls fan (like me!) and her husband would watch it with her. She wanted to give it to him as a gift! How sweet is this amazing couple!?!

So she ordered that one for him and another for herself in a cute paisley pattern! A couple days ago she told me that they recieved thier cozies and they went on a special date to Starbucks just to use them together! This story warmed my heart so much!

It reminded me how amazingly supportive my sweetheart is too. He actually helped me pick out the button for this particular cozy and he ia always encouraging me to make my art! This sweet artist said she didn't have any pics, so I created a visual above :).
She also opened up a lovely etsy shop with her sister called The Chicken Sisters! Check it out here: http://www.thechickensisters.etsy.com/!
I love this baby sweater!

I want this scarf!

Don't you adore a great love story?!? What's yours?


Anonymous said...

i love it!! thanks molly! you are amazing!!

Leslie D-V said...

wow i found you thru another journal but i am totally digging your art!!!