The Burkleys

I'm SUPER excited lately...I am in LOVE with the man of my dreams, I sold 3 coffee cozies last week, and I just got an awesome print in the mail from one of my favorite artists (Emily Martin @ the Black Apple!)

I'm especially excited and so proud of these two amazing people who just got married!!! Ragan and Matt are some of the most passionate and loving people you'll ever meet. I witnessed their special event today in Dallas! They are so talented & creative, but it's thier hearts that are so spectacular!

Note the special personal and unique things that this couple put in thier wedding. Ragan wore her great grandmother's broach on her dress, a bright blue pop of color in her hair, and the center pieces on the tables were silver and blue branches in water vases with nuts and bolts in the bottom of them! Here's some of my favorite pics:

Congrats to the Burkleys!

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