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I got my haircut. I love getting my haircut because I always feel so much better. It doesn't really look much different, but it's just magical to me. Well, I'm kinda boring right now, just sitting here at a coffee shop (who's have guessed it) and taking care of a few buisness things. I know it's weird, but I acutally like doing this. I feel like I'm more mature. I'm in the middle of wedding planning and I'm SO EXCITED!!! I'm meeting with my fiance today to take care of a few things and I can't wait to get the planning going. We're on a budget and plus I love things that are very "us". He's into music and I'm into art...any suggestions? I know all you bloggers out there are full of ideas! Also leave me some links in the comments if you think of anything!
Have a marvelous Tuesday!


Morgan said...

Love the haircut. It is so posh :0

emily said...

i'm lovin' the hair!!