Away from my Computer

Hey! Just letting you all know that I'm off to celebrate my amazing friend Paige's wedding this weekend so I won't be blogging until Sunday-ish. SO EXCITED!

Believe me I'll have SO MUCH TO SHARE when I get back!!! Please leave my a comment if you read this because it will make me so happy when I return. Maybe you could tell me....your favorite part about weddings or your wedding :). I'm also welcoming any hints, tips, or advice!


The Roberts' said...

get one of those schedules that come in bridal magazines that tells you at what point you should have what done. it really is pretty extensive & keeps you getting things done so you dont have to freak out at any point!

Morgan said...

My favorite part about my wedding was that moment I had with my dad right before I walked down the aisle. It was a such a special time even though it was only a couple of minutes. Definitely take the time to do that because you'll be glad you did :)