Tuesday= I love book making!

My friend Ragan got me into book making about a year ago and I've been at it ever since! This book is called "Love Texts". Jeremy is always sending me the sweetest text messages and my phone only holds about 20 at a time then deletes them! I couldn't stand the thought of losing those heart felt messages so I decided to create a journal that I could write them in. One of them is even in German! haha! (he had to translate that one.)

The pages are made from old novel pages and then I glued pictures of flowers, branches, and butterflies inside to symbolize love growing- this is where I write the texts. The first page says "A Text Journal" and the bottom says "Remember how love grew". I hope years from now I can pull out this journal and remember all the sweet messages I recieved and how amazing it has been to fall in love.

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