Spontaneous Date Nights with Warby Parker

I'm so honored that Warby Parker asked me to help them introduce their new limited edition Beacon Collection! This collection of eyewear is inspired by spontaneous date nights, pulling all-nighters and enjoying every moment of life. 

This collection has so many beautiful colors and designs I was instantly inspired to share 3 spontaneous date ideas with you! I've also got some fun outfit, music and art inspiration inspired by the collection. Check it out!

1. Coffee Date on a Whim-
Take an afternoon break and meet up with your sweetheart at your local coffee shop! Sit outside and enjoy some afternoon sun together over sweet coffee and conversation. These pretty golden sunnies are the perfect detail to add to any simple outfit!

Specs: Warby Parker, Beacon Collection, "Nancy" in Lemon
Outfit: Simple Dress
Art Inspiration: "All You Need" by LilyandVal
Music: Oh Honey, "Be Okay"

2. Fancy Duds and Chopsticks-
All dressed up after a wedding or formal event? How about chinese for dinner at your favorite hole-in-the-wall place! These clear frames are delicate and match any color dress. I love the way they reflect different colors and light. Keep it fun and eat with chopsticks!

Specs: Warby Parker, Beacon Collection "McKee"in Moonstone
Outfit: Gold Shimmer Dress
Art Inspiration: Janet Hill "Dandelions"
Music: Feist, "1234"

3. Dinner in the Park at Sundown-
Just because it's getting dark, doesn't mean you can't have a date outside! String up some lights and have a picnic or watch a movie in your backyard. Keep things simple and your outfit soft and comfy. These ombre frames can be dressed up or down and are reminiscent of the colors of a sunset!

Specs: Warby Parker, Beacon Collection "Garrett" in Blue Slate Fade
Outfit: Wrap Dress & Dangle Earrings
Art Inspiration:"Spontaneity" by Livin and Lovin and "Be Brave" by Keli Murray
Music: She & Him, "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here"

Anytime is a great time for a fun spontaneous date! Grab a quick coffee in the middle of the day, or get really dressed up for take out. A sunset is a beautiful reason for a celebration. Every moment is beautiful and the perfect time for a spur of the moment date with your special someone. :) I can't wait to use these ideas for a spur of the moment date with my sweet man!

Glasses are the perfect accessory for someone who needs them or not! Don't forget the vintage style sunglasses too. Check out the new Beacon Collection on Warby Parker's website and also learn how they give away a pair of glasses to another person who needs them each time a pair is purchased! Love that! Thanks for letting me be a part of your launch day WP!

** This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. :)

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